“your product” + “your city” Google Search Marketing “YOUR BUSINESS”??

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No matter the Social Media noise Google Search is still the MOST important place for business to be found!

Google is the largest search engine in the world, 2nd to Google is Youtube so it goes without saying that Google is where YOU HAVE TO BE!

Facebook is great and relevant but your customers want to socialise on it NOT search for products and services, in my opinion Social Media is merely a good traffic generation tool, by bolg/website is where the action happens.

Therefore you do yourself and your business if you don’t ensure proper Google search marketing strategies on your blog/website aka as SEO (search engine optimisation) to the more technically aware amongst us.

In a recent study the magazine Entrepreneur Inc. in the USA found that fortune 500 companies still get more than 90% of their on-line business from Google search and Pay Per Click advertised NOT Social Media.

So how does Google search marketing work?

You need to understand that Google is just a gigantic database with billions of web pages to search through within split seconds when someone searches for anything on-line.

Google very clearly state that their main business is delivering the most accurate search results to their client the searcher no matter what the topic and from where on the globe.

Now think back to the last time you had to get all your invoices together for your tax return, massive crappy job, not true? Now imagine searching through billions of web pages to deliver laser targeted results within a split second, incredible isn’t it.

This is where good SEO (search engine optimisation) practices come in, in your Google search marketing strategy, you optimise your blog/website to be Google spider and client friendly for your specific topic so that when someone searches for you kind of product next you are a natural choice because of the accurate and quality information your blog/website delivers in your local market.

Over the years people have tried to manipulate and fool the Google search bot’s into believing that the web pages served up were relevant aka black hat SEO this is why Google regularly have algorithm updates like Panda and Penguine to rid the web of these bogus and inferior information.

All the while striving to deliver faster, more accurate and useful information to the searcher….

So I trust it is now becoming clear to you! One your business must strive to be on the 1st page of Google for your product and service in your local area and you will be greatly rewarded with relevant hot enquiries and two for your business to achieve this and maintain its position you need a Google search marketing strategy that works.

Internet marketing is without a doubt the MOST EFFECTIVE, COST EFFECTIVE marketing strategy any business can embark on today!

So if you’d like to know more about how you can improve your businesses Google search marketing result give Tonie a call on 021-556-9014 and dominate your local competition.