Local Customer Value

As a small business restricted to a neighbourhood most of our customers comes from a within 20 kilometre of us. The statistic is that more than 80% of consumers do most of their business within  this radius.

local customer valueSo where do you as a small business owner imagine is the best focus for your marketing budget, at least a 20/80 ratio should go on your locals and regulars because this is where your business is coming from.

That is why we are making these tools available to you today, so that you can discover a customers life time value to your business and also see the impact an effective marketing campaign can have on your bottom line.

FACT: Your small business will die without a procession of regular and new customers thus your marketing challenge is how to get new customers, grow them into regular customers who in turn will recommend your service and virally help grow your business.

FACT: Most small business owners completely under estimate the value of a regular customer, frankly if you did you would treat them like gold.

You might have heard the marketing statistic that states that your most expensive customer to get is a new customer, so it goes without saying  that this NEW customer MUST quickly get converted to a REGULAR customer!!!


As a LOCAL business you have an advantage!  

Because if you harness the power of your local knowledge, regulars and visibility online (THE INTERNET) on all devices e.g. office PC’s, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other phones YOU have tools at your fingertips that will grow your business and as such your BOTTOM LINE.

It is a cruel fact that 90% PLUS of your customers search for restaurants, new homes, dentists, car wash and other services in their neighbourhood on their connected devices which includes all of the equipment mentioned above.

SIMPLE FACT: Local Small Business you have to have a prominent online presence, both on PC and MOBILE and your mobile site must make sense and must be easy to navigate else you will lose that prospect.

So what I’m telling you today is that as a local small business there are very effective online strategies to market your business to a ready to spend crowd that will improve your bottom line.

So to this effect I invite you to use these tools and I welcome you to contact me Tonie Konig on 021-556-9014 to prove to you how our local business Internet marketing campaign will make you more money.