Does Your Business Have A Loyalty Program?

If you follow the smart money you will have to agree that loyalty programmes are the way to go. All the big corporates are offering rich rewards to their clients for being loyal.

If you have ever done a little exercise to establish the LIFETIME VALUE of a CUSTOMER you will know that a loyal customer over a period of time can mean major income for your business and apart from the initial cost of marketing that income comes at a very low cost.

Tap into a local shopping community of 37000 plus raving shoppers today and make more money this week!

That is why the smart money invests in creating customer loyalty and in retaining customers because over the long term it pays, no argument about that! (see video below)

I don’t know about you but I love being a local! I love having breakfast at a favorite restaurant and the fact that my coffee as I like it gets ordered as I walk in the door makes me coming back time after time.

It’s this psychological need of human beings to belong that makes loyalty programmes so powerful, we all love to be rewarded and appreciated, the miniscule points we get for it does not seem to matter, just the fact that we are appreciated and belong is mostly enough.

The market for these programmes has enjoyed astonishing growth in South Africa over the past decade; from a few loyalty cards offering air miles, we now have more than 80 increasingly ambitious programmes to choose from. At last count, five years ago, about 15 million people belonged to a loyalty scheme.

The problem for local SME’s till now has been the entry cost (minimum of R750 000), the systems and technical reqirements to run a successful loyalty program are complicated and needs proper roll out and implementation which made it too much of a hassle for SME’s.

Enters the internationally acclaimed Lyoness Loyalty program, which is not only affordable for local SME’s but it also empowers the SME to benefit from all of that clients future purchases from other loyalty merchants implementing a passive income stream that could mean serious passive income, not to mention NO BANK CHARGES AND CREDIT CARD FEES. (watch the video below for a short into, then complete the form on the right to see if you qualify- NOW IN SOUTH AFRICA!)

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