The Best 6 Channel Digital Marketing Strategy for Local SEO!

When it comes to Digital Marketing that explodes your local SEO this 6 channel strategy is a winner

The 6 channels I'm going to tell you more about are Citations, Reputation, Website, E-Mail, Social Media and Advertising.

It is amazing but the more you and I get connected online with our friends and customers, the more we end up relying on "the human connection" to make buying decisions and give recommendations.

Research proves to us that our customers and friends follow the same buying patterns online, they search for solutions but before they buy they check out your reviews and ratings or they discuss it with a trusted friend before buying.

So it has become vital for you and me, to engage with out customers and friends to build solid relationships based on trust and efficient service delivery in order to deserve their trust and recommendations, get this right and you will have more business than you can handle.

Top 6 Digital Channels for Local Business Marketing

The 1st Channel Is - Citations!

An online citation is a reference to your companies name, address and phone number (NAP) from reputable global and local online business directories. Google is big on authority when it comes to ranking your business, so by having your NAP listed in these directories you capitalise on their authority with Google and benefit from that citation.

Citations - 1st Local Business Marketing Digital Chanel!

I remember my grandpa regularly telling me about the importance of one's reputation, he always used to say "success and money comes and goes but you only have one name and that your good name is more important than all the success put together"

The 2nd Channel - Reputation (your reviews and ratings online)

Reputation Marketing - Channel 2 of 6 of the 6 Local Digital Marketing Channels

The 3rd Channel - Your WEBSITE

Your Website - The 3rd Local Digital Marketing Channel

It is of the utmost importance that you realise that your website is the ONLY property that you own online, everything else you have right of use within that domains guidelines which they can change as they see fit and you have no control over.

The 4th Channel - E-mail

Email the 4th Local Business Digital Channel

Nurturing and adding to your customer database is critical to long-term business success. E-mail has proven to be one of the most effective forms of business communication, period. You and I open e-mails from trusted sources, it is spam we all hate. Keeping in touch with your customers through useful updates on their purchases of great saving, will build a stronger relationship and get your customers to come back more often and refer their friends.

The 5th Channel - Social Media

Social Media the 5th Local Digital Marketing Channel

Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking Social Media in my video, it has it's place in a Digital Marketing strategy. All I'm saying is that in a business environment it is one of six tools and should be dealt with accordingly as part and definitely not the whole marketing campaign.

The 6th Channel - Paid Advertising

Advertising the 6th Local Digital Marketing Channel

In conclusion I would like to reinforce that the whole is greater than a part and that all 6 these digital marketing channels has a place in a complete local SEO strategy that delivers results. In this digital age it's more than important that we harness these online tools to help us build solid relationships with our customers, old and new.

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