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Is Your FREE Google My Business Listing Bringing You Business?

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OR are you missing one of the greatest marketing opportunities available to you and me as local business owners?

You know and I know it is near impossible to compete with the big companies when it comes to marketing budget.

BUT Google has your back!

As a local business you have the power of Geo-location on your side, meaning that when a customer search online in your community for your service.

Google will give your business an opportunity to be seen on the 1st page for this search in the 3 Pack and 1st page, provided you have put in the time and effort to optimise your Google My Business page and your website for local search.

So what is the 3 Pack?

The 3 Pack is the 1st 3 local business listings that you see when you search for a local business in your community e.g. "dentist near me" as in the image below.



These 3 business listings are the top results closest to you, you as a searcher sees weather you search on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. And increasingly these business are the one's getting the traffic.

Remember, geo-location?

Google knows where you are, they search their database of suitable local dentists and serve up the results, the solution to your problems in a split second.

Imagine the searcher was searching for "emergency dentist near me" do you think he or she might be serious about finding a trusted dentist near by who can free them form their agonising tooth ache?

What are the chances that of that customer in urgent need looking any further?

With more than 57% of searches coming from mobile devices add on terms like "near me" and "how much do I need to" are becoming more common and fall into the keyword category we call "money terms" because the searcher is ready to do business.


As a local business you don't need 1000's of visitors to your website and Google My Business page, you just need to be on the 1st page when someone in your community uses one of these "money terms" to add serious amounts of new business to your bottom line.


Most local business owners totally underestimate the POWER of one of the MOST EFFECTIVE lead generation opportunities that Google gives local businesses for FREE.

So, depending on the competition in your space you might be lucky and show in this 3 Pack easily but as soon as their's stiffer competition you will more than likely have to do more work to convince Google that you are the more trustworthy business deserving of a spot in that 3 Pack.

This is where I come in, I can make it happen because you are busy keeping your business going you don't have the time but me, I focus on adding the relevance and authority to your online properties, so that Google will start trusting you more than your competition and you outrank and outperform them.

What is Google's Mission?

It is Google's mission to deliver the most relevant results to every search done on their search engine. Accurate search results is their business.

It is already a fact that more than 60% of searches with a location in it are made from smart phone and a Google My Business listing is perfectly designed to take advantage of this fact.

The statistics of how search has developed over the years resoundingly prove the fact that local businesses should be online and actively optimise their websites for both PC and cellphones.

Did you know that:

  • More than 60% of searches with a location in it are made from mobile devices
  • More than 70% of people making a local search from their mobiles visit that business within 1 to 5 days
  • More than 40% of local searches results in sales

A couple of features of the listing are:

  • Business description, you can tell prospects exactly what you do
  • Geo-location, street address and phone number so that people can easily contact you
  • Customer reviews and start rating to encourage trust in your business
  • Posts about your products, events you are planning to have and specials you are offering
  • Photos about your business and products
  • Link to your website
  • A platform to engage with customers
  • A free website if you want it, this is great for small businesses starting out

Yes, I Want to Benefit from My Google My Business Listing!

Give me a free review on the listing with suggestions on how I can improve it, to rank better on Google and get results from it.

Google is going full out to upgrade the quality of results they deliver in local search. With a fully optimised Google My Business page you have effective tools at hand to be a dominant force in your local market.

If you are serious about building a long-term business you simply have to engage with your local customers online through a fully optimised Google My Business listing.

It is also very important to realise that marketing is an ongoing requirement needed in your business to survive and grow, without marketing any business quickly stagnates and ceases to be relevant and ultimately die.

Marketing is not a once off action, if Coke and the largest most recognisable brands in the world up their marketing in tough times, shouldn't you?

Everybody knows them yet you see their marketing all around you everyday, fiercely competing for that coveted "top of mind" space in the consumers mind that will make them the 1st choice in the eventuality that they might feel like their product.

Marketing is non-negotiable and if you don't take it seriously and give it the attention and budget it requires the stats proof that your business will not be around very long.

Watch the video below for information on the 9 tools you have available on your Google My Business page and put your local internet marketing in over drive.


You and I want more business, we like the feeling of success, providing for our families and we enjoy spending our hard earned cash on our hobbies and travelling a bit seeing the world and enjoying life with family and friends, right?

Well, some of us do while some of us stress, work all the time yet never seem to get ahead and our business is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy all the time.

Why is this?

Well, if you ask the experts they will tell you, it's because you are working in your business and not on your business.

You are not following a solid marketing and growth strategy, you are not employing experts to handle the marketing and the tasks you hate to do leaving you free to focus on your strength more often than not the reason you started the business.

It is your duty as a business owner and employer to utilise all the tools available to you to grow and expand your business, so that you and your people can prosper.

When you realise this and you start to utilise local internet marketing, optimise your Google My Business page and engage in local SEO to position you and your business at the authority in your community, you will enjoy the fruits of the initiative and investment.

As most people, close on 90% use Google to find solutions to their pains and problems, you have the local advantage in your community to solve those problems and enjoy the respect and loyalty of your community.

Increasingly your customers are using their smartphone to search, your Google My Business Page can get you in the 3 Pack right in the top results in Google transferring their trust capital to you, helping you to do more business.

The question really is!

Can your business afford to send these hot leads, customers ready to buy to your competition?


Would you rather optimise your Google My Business page, spend some of your marketing budget on local Internet marketing and SMILE ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK?

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