Inbound Marketing

Discover Why Inbound Marketing Is Right For Your Business!

Inbound marketing is the process of engaging strangers enough in Google Search, Social Media and other online platforms, to attract them to your website/blog from where your lead funnel will convert them from cold, curious stranger, into interested prospect, building trust, converting the prospect into a customer and finally turning her into a repeat customer and raving fan recommending your business.

Search and your position in search is more important than ever. All the major websites like Google and Facebook constantly improve their search metrics in order to deliver the best possible results to their users.

As business owners it's up to us to provide relevant quality content to these searchers where ever they search from, their smartphones, PC or while scanning Facebook.

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Big companies are spending millions on being found and dominating these results and this can make the SME feel overwhelmed at times because as a small business you simply just don't have the budget to compete.

Is it worth your while to compete for position in the search environment?

The answer a big resounding YES, BECAUSE OF LOCAL SEARCH!

Geo-location is huge, geo-location gives local business an edge in their communities.

AND as most people do 80% of their shopping within a 5 to 10 kilometer radius of their homes, local service providers do themselves a disservice and lose out on big local opportunities because they don't optimise their Internet marketing to service these local clients.

Another point to consider, Google tells us that between 50% and 60% of local searches come from mobile devices, so it's vital that your website is mobile friendly and that your Google My Business page is claimed and optimised, as well as your Facebook business page, locals are using these platforms to have their questions answered and their needs filled.

Everybody search when it suits them, what we call "micro moments", often times it happens while they are waiting for coffee, in an elevator or at the gym and more often than not these searches happen from mobile phones.

Google reports that search terms like "near me" and "how much do I need to" are everyday occurrences, which proves that local search is alive and that it is vital for businesses to capitalise on it.

This is how Inbound Marketing helps you dominate local search!

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A targeted Inbound marketing campaign will help you answer your customers burning questions about your product or service, build trust and show them why they need to buy from you. Done right a well constructed inbound campaign will deliver daily leads for a very long, long time. It takes 3 to 6 months on average to implement and and gain traction and once it does, you will enjoy the benefits of regular, growing business, well worth the time and investment.

"Marketing = getting people to know, like and trust you." - John Jantsch


Attract is the 1st vital step in the process, because just like you need feet into your door, so does your website need visitors to have their questions answered to see that your product/service is the solution.

The main components of the Inbound marketing Attract pillar are:

  • Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - your businesses keywords, what problem does your business solve.
  • Blog Posts - articles solving these targeted problems your customers have.
  • Social Media - engage with your costumers on Social Media to send them back to your website for the answers.
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The genius behind attracting strangers to your website through solving their problems related to your service/product is that you immediately position yourself as an expert in the field.

This make it vital that you spend sometime building buyers personas for your target group and in your content you target that persona's problems and speak to them in their language.

landing page

There is an old saying that says "you can take a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink" - that is just as true in online marketing because once you have the prospect on your website you have to entice them to stay with great, relevant information.

You have to take them by the hand and lead them to the answer they are looking for with a Call-to-Action and you have to collect their information with a form on a landing page by offering them a solution.


Convert is the 2nd pillar in a good Inbound Marketing campaign. So you have attracted to stranger to your website in search of an answer to his pain. Now you kindly offer the solution and turn the stranger into a hot prospect.

The main components of the Convert pillar are:

  • Calls-To-Action - unfortunately even though you answer the question and offer a solution you still have to ask the prospect to take the next step.
  • Landing Pages - a landing page focuses your prospect on the solution with one option only, generally you'll find people who go beyond the landing page turn into hot prospects.
  • Forms - the form is what the prospect needs to complete in order to get the solution.
  • Contacts - you build from your website and landing pages is a good way to measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.


Close is the 3rd pillar of a successful Inbound marketing strategy. This is where a good CRM system is worth it's weight in gold, every contact in your database is an asset and has the potential to connect you with their networks.

The main components of the Inbound marketing, Close pillar are:

  • E-Mails - using e-mail to inform and warm your prospect even more is very effective, once someone has said yes to getting more information about your product/service it is your duty to deliver else you will lose credibility.
  • Workflows - a good workflow will have relevant information ready to impress the prospect with, a carefully crafted auto-responder campaign will help you close a large percentage of your prospects with more ease.
  • Lead scoring - is ranking the lead according the time and amount of interest shown on your site, in order to determine where in the pipeline she is and what value can be attributed to the deal.
  • CRM Integration - a good client relationship management tool is invaluable in a well constructed Inbound marketing campaign, it pulls all the vital information together and helps you keep in touch and in crease the lifetime value of a client.
  • Marketing Automation - is where we put this whole Inbound campaign on steroids and create and automated marketing system that builds your client base and communicates with them on auto pilot, companies investing in automation here generally see a 71% increase in the value of the leads delivered to be closed.

If you've ever done a sales course you will probably know the ABC of selling "Always Be Closing" it's the same on your website because with every additional step that you can get a prospect to complete on your website the closer you get to that prospect buying your solution.

And don't forget the human touch because in the end of the day, a call, visit or demonstration from you, in person will still be required to seal the deal, you will just close 80% more of these hot prospects than you would cold calling.

"Content is king." - Bill Gates


Delight is the 4th pillar of a successful Inbound marketing strategy. Your relationship with your client does not stop once you have sold them, it's just the start because the life time value of a happy customer can be stagering.

The main components of the Inbound marketing, Delight pillar are:

  • Social Media - Get your customer to like your Facebook page and leave reviews on Google My Business, Facebook page and your website, it will help to convince the next prospect and in a small community their friends, it's just too valuable to neglect.
  • Smart Content - you should have collected valuable information about your customer throughout the Inbound process, use this data to tailor make content to old customers in order to entice them back to buy more.
  • E-Mail - If you deliver Smart Content your customer will appreciate it because it adds value to her life and she might even share it with her friends.
  • Workflow - marketing automation helps you create perfect converting workflows that will concert, close and delight customers, adding to your bottom line month after month.

In Conclusion

Inbound Marketing is the perfect strategy in our modern online world, smartphone and Internet use is increasing daily. "Google It" is the NUMBER ONE way everybody solves their queries, with Inbound Marketing and local SEO you position your business as the preferred solution to these queries, so why wait. Call me today - Tonie 074-498-8973.