The POWER of Recommendation Marketing

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We all use it! Recommendation Marketing.

If you think about it you have to admit you have done it!

It is in our nature to want to share our experiences, good or bad with our friends and loved one’s.

If you think you don’t do that just think back to the last time you saw a great movie, did you tell some one?


Remember that worm in your salad? How many people did you tell? 1, 2 , 7 I bet at least 2…..

Word of mouth marketing is trusted by 10x more people than for example newspaper adverts.

The proof is resounding in favour of an effective recommendation marketing strategy for your business.

Did you know that a happy customer will recommend your business on average 3x?

Every year big companies spend billions on advertising and marketing which makes it very difficult for local, small business to compete.

For example how many small businesses do you find in shopping malls, not many!

Yet where are you most likely to find 1000’s of feet everyday, spending money and doing everyday shopping but the massively expensive malls, domain of big business.

How do you as a small, local business compete?


You make surerecommendation marketinge you get the most out of each and every customer that you have and you devise ways to keep them happy, remind them of your business on a regular basis and then you get them to recommend you to their friends.

Just think about it if 10 of your regulars recommend you to their 3 friend you have 30 new potential customers, now what if you can get that 30 to do the same? All of a sudden we talk serious business!

Why don’t you try our Customer Value calculator above to test this out click here to go there directly.

First of all you will be amazed at how much a customer can mean to your business over time and secondly how their recommendations can help grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Why do you think loyalty is the latest marketing craze, just look around you and you’ll see big business investing billions into retaining customers, so shouldn’t you do all you can to do the same?

The reality it is very expensive to roll out a proper CRM (customer relationship management) program not alone a fully fledged loyalty program (costs of R700 000 plus).

Also reality can your business afford to be without these marketing tools?

The great news is there is a very exciting way for small business to roll out very comprehensive recommendation marketing strategies at a fraction of the cost mentioned above and the benefits are numerous.

One of the biggest benefits we have seen with such a program is that the businesses automatically becomes a community referring customers to each others, another is customers finding you and not you wreaking your head trying to find new customers, sooo exciting.

Increases of up to 35% in your bottomline! 

I’m sure you would like that for your business!

So give me a call at 081 271 2069 to discuss how you can benefit!