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About Local Internet Marketing Business owner Tonie Konig turned local SEO expert…

From the outset, the company has remained on the cutting edge of global Digital Marketing trends.  With a specialization in local SEO and Google My Business SEO because 80% of customers are locals, so it’s vital for local businesses to rank well in their cities. Today we have offices in Cape Town, South Africa where we trade as Local Internet Marketing, and an office in Takoma Park, Maryland near Washington DC, trading as Konig Digital. Tonie Konig is an active member of the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce where he serves as Chair of the Cape Coastal Committee and a member of the Chamber Council. As a staunch believer in business networking, Tonie is a past president of BNI Edge in Table View and belongs to the Rotary Club of Blouberg where he contributes to the well-being of the community. I started Local Internet Marketing in May of 2008, at that time the company was called Main Street Marketing but when it became apparent that the Google trend was leaning towards serving local businesses with local search profiles like Google My Business I rebranded as Local Internet Marketing. I’m 1st and foremost an entrepreneur who taught myself Internet marketing and SEO, to use in my own business, and when the global economy went haywire in 2008 and I had to close my factory manufacturing Ostrich leather jackets for clients in the USA, I decided to duplicate my Internet marketing success for local businesses. I started this business with money I got from making a deal with my 1st client giving them marketing at a 50% discount if they paid me cash upfront, that client is still with me today, full disclosure they did leave for a while but then they came back because they were not getting the results they were getting when they were with me. Getting results for my clients is a matter of pride, and I’m still hands-on in all the marketing campaigns we manage.


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