About Us

Local Internet Marketing was founded in May 2008 when Internet Marketing was very much still in it's infancy in South Africa.

tonie konig
Tonie Konig

Tonie Konig started the business from the foundation of his own success with building a website, promoting it internationally and securing clients in the USA, stretching from Memphis to a small boutique chain of men's apparel with 10 shops situated in Los Angels.

In 2008 when the recession in the USA started affecting my business relations, I realised that local businesses could benefit from what I have learned implementing my own Internet business in early 2003.

Still going strong after 10 years of Internet marketing for clients, we are very well positioned to help local businesses to benefit from our growth hacking and customer acquisition strategies, to attract new customers, retain current customers and convert past customers into raving fans and referral sources.

As an experienced Online Marketing Strategist I use marketing automation to grow your business, building and grading you lead database into a highly effective lead funnel delivering measurable results month after month.

My Certifications and Associations!

Everybody knows Google Search is the no.1 place to market your business but not everybody can be there, let me help you growth hack your business and explode your customer acquisition!

Most people will at least get a quotation on improving their business Internet Marketing but some don't, you know the type they's rather complain about everything, suffer due to lack of business and be humiliated with bankruptcy.